• No abusive language or behaviour towards.
  • Clontarf players
  • Opposition players
  • Spectators or coaches
  • Referees
  • Think about where you park – do not obstruct driveways and areas provided for emergency vehicles
  • Never ridicule or criticise players at any time
  • Respect the authority of officials during training and games
  • Never question, discuss or confront officials at training or games
  • Agree a suitable time to discuss any grievance you have with officials
  • Ensure children are on time for training/games
  • Ensure children have the proper gear and are suitably attired for the weather conditions
  • Children must not be left as your presence may be required
  • The club is open during training – stay and have a tea/coffee
  • Ensure your child understands the player code
  • Disruptive behaviour spoils the experience for everyone and cannot be tolerated, persistent disruption will lead to exclusion from the team
  • Ensure children never leave the pitch/club without the coaches permission
  • Positive encouragement only at all times
  • Ensure you notify the Club of any medical condition which could affect the safety of your child or others, or could impact on the ability of your child and/or others to participate.
  • Try your best
  • Always be positive
  • Do what your coaches tell you
  • Respect your team-mates – no bullying – no teasing – no name calling – no bad language
  • Behave – Bad behaviour is not allowed
  • Make sure you have the correct gear
  • Never leave the pitch without telling your coach
  • Never ever leave the club/grounds without an adult you trust
  • Most of all – HAVE FUN!
  • Respect the dignity, self esteem and rights of all the children
  • Be punctual and organized for training/games
  • All children must be involved in training and games
  • Positive encouragement only at all times
  • Clear communication of fixtures to children/parents
  • Bring any matters of concern quickly to the attention of Parents/Guardians.