The Clontarf Bulls are a well established team at Clontarf Rugby. This team comprises of local boys and girls with additional needs.

The Clontarf Bulls are led by a group of coaches many of whom are active players, ex-players, teachers, special needs assistants and academics with a commitment to ensure that these players are actively engaged in rugby.

There is a 1-1 coach-player format within the team. Training kicks off from 11am – 12pm every Sunday morning during rugby season. Activities set out on the pitch by coaches and players, support skills such as running; building speed and quickness, foot-skills; placement of the feet to grab or defend the tag, space; identifying spaces to avoid attackers, and ball-skills; passing, and carrying.

The team plays TAG rugby with confidence alongside other Youth & Mini Teams on the all-weather pitch.

With subtle modifications to the game to ensure everyone’s involvement on the pitch, Clontarf Rugby recognises all abilities to play and enjoy rugby.

Nolan’s of Clontarf are proud sponsors of the team, with the players and coaches kitted out in very smart team jackets!

For further information please contact:
Dolores O’Hagan Skelly | Email: