Clontarf Bulls – Special Youth-Minis Rugby

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Clontarf Rugby Club is delighted to announce the addition of the Clontarf Bulls into our mix of rugby sections. Clontarf Bulls will offer children with special needs, an opportunity to participate in rugby in a safe and supervised environment.  At Clontarf Rugby, we celebrate abilities, rather than focussing on disabilities.  We are keen to include every child in our community that wants to play rugby at an appropriate level, and for children with intellectual special needs, it has been proven that tag rugby, or non-contact rugby, is a sport that they can excel in and derive great fun from. There are a number of rugby clubs in Leinster and nationwide already running similar tag rugby sections with amazing results for children with autism, down syndrome, visual or hearing impairments, and other learning challenges.   While it is planned to launch Clontarf Bulls at the start of the 2016/2017 season in September, we plan to run a short 4/6 week pilot from  mid April to May (Sunday 12.noon).  This pilot is initially being offered to families already participating in the Club.  If you are the parent/sibling of a child with intellectual special needs then this is a fantastic opportunity for your child to appreciate the game of rugby and have fun participating in a non-contact form of the sport.  Other benefits will include increasing physical strength and spatial awareness, better physical well-being, gaining confidence to make new friends, and getting some fresh air on a regular basis!  We will require parental attendance at the side line so your child feels comfortable at all times, and so that you can keep track of your child’s progress.  You can be assured that your child will be trained and supervised by competent coaches and volunteers with a particular interest in developing the abilities of the children!   The (pilot) Spring session with Clontarf Bulls is open to the following children:  Club member families, whether they are siblings of Minis/Youths or children of adult club members School going boys and girls.

Children with intellectual special needs such as autism, down syndrome, hearing or visual impairments, and/or other learning challenges, who may struggle initially to thrive in the established Minis set up.   If you would like your child or family member to participate in this pilot please register your interest by 31st March at the contact details below.

Name        Damaris O’Brien Club Secretary

Phone        8336214