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  1. Season 2020-2021
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  3. Race Night – 28th March
  4. Corona Virus (COVID-19)
  5. 6th Mini Rugby Festival 02 May 2020

U13 (2008)

Season 2019 /2020

 U12s (Born 2008)

The IRFU announced that the domestic rugby season is effectively finished. London Irish Minis festival has been cancelled following guidelines on COVID-19. London Irish are hosting an alternative festival on September 27th and we are looking at options on attending.

Many thanks for your support throughout the season.

Red 1 Red 2 Blue 1 Blue 2
Mick Barr

Garret Molloy

Phil Hall 

Colin Kavanagh
Niall Hodson
Niall MonksDavid Clarke
Alan Shortall

Kris Vekic

Ewan Dunbar

Derek Liddy

Adam Synnott

Ronan O’Reilly

Grahame Walsh

1.     Andrew Meehan

2.     Conor Farrell

3.     Daniel Maczak

4.     David Barr

5.     David Ginnelly

6.     Dylan Jones

7.     Madoc Davies

8.     James Molloy

9.     Liam Murphy

10.  Lucian Blaga

11.  Manduul Baaugui

12.  Marc Mooney-Masterson

13.  Mason Samuel

14.  Mikey Hall

15.  Paddy McNelis

16.  Senan O’Hare

17.  Thomas Quigley

18.  Robert Purcell



1.     Louis Magner

2.     Alex Gunne

3.     Christian Lynch

5.     Christopher Clarke

6.     Christopher Hanrahan

7.     Cillian Gilbride

8.     Cillian Shields

9.     Daniel Kavanagh

10.  Jack Purcell

11.  Joseph McCarthy

12.  Kevin Ifebe

13.  Leo Thunder

14.  Luka Hodson

15.  Michael Barnes

16.  Oisín Fleming

17.  Rian Monks

18.  Torin Lupo

19.  Thomas Heather

1.     Alex Deasy

2.     Charlie Winters

3.     Christian Shortall

4.     Jack Coghlan

5.     Jack Farrell

6.     Jamie Furey

7.     John Gorman

8.     Joseph McGuigan

9.     Aaron O’Connor Casey

10.  Luka Vekic

11.  Mark Dawson

12.  Matthew Bryans

13.  Oisín MacNeice

14.  Rian Daly McGrath

15.  Ruairí Kernan

16.  Ruairi Murphy

17.  Senan Fitzgerald

18.  Zac Sweeney

1.     Nicholas Sofroni

2.     Billy Ruane

3.     Ben Perrin

4.     George Sevastopulo

5.     Conall Ryan

6.     Sam Cotter

7.     Jonny Synnott

8.     Bastian Pruvost

9.     Lee McMullen

10.  Matt McCarthy

11.  Patrick O’Reilly

12.  Henry Walsh

13.  Milo Convery

14.  Alex Liddy

15.  Joe Corcoran

16.  Lachlan Honan

17.  Fionn Cullen

18.  Alex O’Reilly

19. Christian McCarthy


Important notes:

  • Training – our usual training slot is 10am  Sunday on the grass pitch and 6pm Wednesday on the 4G pitch at Castle Avenue.
  • Gear and hydration – gumshields are compulsory for all training and matches – no exceptions.  Please ensure that players are appropriately kitted out for the weather conditions (including base layers, hats and/or rainwear during the winter months).  Players should at all times have a water bottle.
  • Notifications – details of matches, schedule changes and any additional training sessions will be notified on this web page and by group email.  Please refer regularly to this web page, particularly during periods of bad weather when it may be necessary to advise of schedule changes at short notice.
  • New players – we always welcome new players, whether or not they have played rugby before.  If you are or know someone who is interested in joining please contact one of the coaches (contact details below).
  • Footwear – the Club has a strict policy on the type of footwear that may be worn on the 4G pitch (where most of our training and home matches take place).  This applies to players and coaches.  Only boots with screw in studs (metal or plastic) or round moulded studs may be worn.  Blades and runners are prohibited.  Please bear this in mind if buying boots for the new season.
  • Concussion – we deal with cases of concussion or suspected concussion in line with the IRFU Concussion Guidelines.  These can be accessed on (go to tab “Playing the Game” and select the drop-down “Concussion”).
  • Code of Ethics – all coaches, players and parents are expected to abide by the Club’s Code of Ethics, details of which can be accessed under the “Youth & Mini” drop-down tab on the Club’s home page.

Contact details:

If you have any queries or feedback please feel free to contact any of the following coaches:

  • Mick Barr – 086 859 9638;
  • Dana Blaga – 086 320 8999;
  • Adam Synnott – 086 770 8322;