Social Rugby Player Profiles

Declan, age 30, J4 No. 8

I’ve been playing in Clontarf for 10 seasons since moving to Dublin from Limerick. It has always been a welcoming club and the J4 and J5 set up is great fun. I do my best to make most training sessions and matches but usually take a short break from Rugby in the Winter for a skiing trip.

Robert, age 26, J5 Centre

Having dropped out of rugby after leaving school I always wanted to pick the game up again. I started back last season and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was a bit lost for the first week or so but soon got the fitness & skills back and took off from there & played most of the matches. It’s a great set up with plenty of competition & encouragement from all your teammates.

Gerry, age 19, J5 second row

My college commitments mean I can only play on Saturday afternoons and so was unable be active in the U21 set up. I didn’t know that the social teams existed until my Dad’s friend said he was playing with the J5’s!! I had to give it a go! There’s such a mixed bunch & it’s great to be able to run around the old guys!!

Brian, age 35, J4 Hooker

Between family and work I try to play as often as I can but sometimes miss the odd miss game. However once you let the managers know where you stand it’s cool. Playing games is a great way to unwind at the weekend & after some tough battles up front there’s always a great post match laugh with your opposite number in the bar

John, age 43, J5 Full back

I’ve been playing in Clontarf for nearly 30 years at all levels and have been threatening to retire year on year. However they keep finding a level for me despite age and lack of pace. Being involved at this level keeps you young, especially the postmatch reviews in the bar!!