Clontarf Tag Rugby

Clontarf Rugby, Castle Avenue, Clontarf, Dublin 3

IRFU Tag is played at Clontarf on Wednesday evenings for first two weeks THEN Thursdays following.
Season commences on Wed June 22nd and will continue for 9 weeks
ending with Finals Night on Fri 19th August) .

Team Registration
: 525 EURO

Club Tag email:

Fixtures & times available online approximately two weeks before leagues commence.
(notification will be made immediately if any changes to dates, times)


Tag Rugby is a non-contact form of rugby where a “tackle” involves removing a “tag” which is attached to the shorts of the ball carrier. Each side has six “tags” to score a try.After each “tag”, the tagged player stops, places the ball on the ground and rolls it backwards with the foot to a team-mate standing behind. This is called a ruck ball. The team-mate standing behind is called a scrum-half.

A try is scored in the same way as in other forms of rugby i.e. by touching down the ball on the ground over the tryline while retaining control of the ball.If no try is scored after the sixth “tag”, the opposition shall gain possession of the ball and they shall restart play with a ruck ball.

A match shall consist of 2 halves of 20 minutes.

At the start of the game the referee tosses a coin and the winner of the toss decides whether to kick of or to choose an end.

The field of play will be a maximum of 70 metres long by 50 metres wide.

The law of advantage takes precedence over most other laws and its purpose is to make play more continuous with fewer stoppages for infringements. When the result of an infringement by one team is that there opponents may gain an advantage, the referee does not whistle immediately for the infringement but allows play to continue with the option to return to the original offence.